Tuesday, March 4, 2014

7th City : Valletta

 Valletta, The Capital City of Malta
It's the historical City. Well, Historical city always be my Favorite. 
It has a tall outside Elevator that connect Waterfront to aValletta's Upper Barrakka Garden.
From Upper Barrakka Garden, we can see the city of Valletta. The building is dominant by ivory and the blue sea and blue sky made a perfect scenery i won't forget.
And i brought my hometown instant tea (Indonesia's Teh Celup Sostro) :)

Unspoken Mind

Their face looked like they wanna say something
If only they could talk to us, what would they say?
'Please don't eat me!'
'Please protect me!'
'I'm so cute you're jealous, right?'
or what...???
 I wonder

Face of The Beast

 Let us look at them. Protect these Face of The Cute Beasts!
I love how Taman Safari Indonesia improves their environments and make their 'home'..
Keep improving and I will go there again and take pictures of their cute faces again!

6th city : ROME


I've got a privilege to visit Rome. Although i don't have much time, but i saw the beauty of Rome. The modern city that still protects its oldness and originality. I don't have to go far away or pay money to see old buildings because they are everywhere. Streets, trees, buildings, everything have their own charm. The city is also clean. But unfortunately, when i went there, it's hot like hell! But that didn't make me hate Rome. My sweat and my joy are flowing in Rome.. ;)
Thank you Rome. i hope i can visit you again later..

Saturday, January 4, 2014


 Acapulco! The resort city in Mexico. First time i heard this city, it was from Mexico's drama or as we say in Indonesian "Telenovela". Here, beach is the most popular place. Although i think Jamaica or Indonesia still have more beautiful beaches than Mexico. *my opinion.
But, of course, Acapulco beach is one of my good-to-go beach choices. I really wanna see the sunset in this Acapulco beach, buuuuutttttt.. i did come to the wrong place. I couldn't see the sunset! 

Well, don't be sad, just enjoy the beach and smile.. It's still beautiful and unforgettable moment. hahaha..
 PS  :  in the back of my self photograph above, you can see my old 'ship' MV Ocean Dream. And the sunset probably is behind the ship. T_T

Friday, January 3, 2014

4th City TALINN

My birthday in 2013 was the fastest birthday ever. I just felt lived for 3-4 hours a day on that day. That's because I was working all day long. from morning till drop. Even though i was in Estonia, i only can saw the sunset of Talinn city, and went to the market near the port to buy some souvenirs.
well, here's my birthday gift. The beautiful gift from Talinn to me. Don't ask me what kind of city is Talinn, because I also wanna know that. LOL.

But my friends told me that Talinn is a beautiful city. It's an old city that has many old buildings. someday, i don't know when, i wanna go there again and see them by myself. It's on my list.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

2013 most memorable place VATICAN

It's like a dream for me to visit this country.
How come a young girl like me can go pass half of the world to visit Vatican? and even i just got there only for 2-3 hours, I won't even forget the feeling when i get there. Happy, proud, touch, all mixed together. The building is very beautiful. Even if i'm still thinking that the most beautiful church is Sagrada Familia, but the feeling when I got there is different. I even cried when i prayed inside this church. I'm not a religious person, to tell the truth. But the situation inside touched me.

 First impression about St. Peter Basilica is roman's building. In front of the building there's a large St Peter Square. Unfortunately, the church already became somekind of attraction place. It was very crowded inside the Basilica. Well, me also was a tourist although. ^_^
But still i can't stop feeling touched inside the Chapel.